Accessories & Replacement Parts


A good night’s sleep doesn’t stop with a new mattress. Enhance your sleep experience with Serta’s variety of accessories, so you can get the most from your Serta mattress each and every night.

Adjustable Foundations

Your bed is more than a place to sleep, it’s the center of your life. Enhance the comfort and convenience of your life with  Serta® Adjustable Foundations.


A good night’s sleep doesn’t end with a new mattress. Choosing the right pillow is just as important to ensure a comfortable sleep experience. Check out our assortment of pillows.

Serta® has some helpful tips to help you navigate through the many pillow options available today, so that you can select the pillow that’s right for you.
Whether you prefer to sleep on your side, your stomach, or your back, Serta® has a pillow to meet your needs and complete your comfortable sleep experience.

Mattress Accessories

Enhance your sleeping comfort with Serta®’s blankets and sheets, designed to provide comfort during all seasons. Plus, enhance the life of your mattress by supporting it with a Serta bed frame and protecting it with a Serta mattress protector.

Blankets & Sheets

Enhance the comfort of your Serta® mattress with our sheets and luxury fleece blankets, designed to provide the ultimate in comfort through every season.

Bed Frames

Add a StabL-Base® bed frame to provide the proper support for your new mattress set.

Mattress Protectors

Keep your new mattress safe from spills and stains with a mattress protector from Serta®.